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Are you looking for a Chinese representative? Are you looking for a partner to help your business grow in China? We are here to help you! Chinese Representative Office is the best way to expand your company’s business from China to the world!


This is a monthly subscription to our Chinese Representative Office. Sign up today to receive the following services to help you start your business in China.

  • 1. Visiting suppliers (4/month).
  • 2. Visiting exhibitions (2/month).
  • 3. Sourcing products (20/month).
  • 4. Arranging samples with multiple suppliers.
  • 5. Representative office address.
  • 6. Lawyer agreement for each order.
  • 7. Banking and accounting services.
  • 8. Production control especially for customization and branding orders.
  • 9. e-Commerce consulting and management.
  • 10. Professional QC with detailed report.
  • 11. Shipping arrangement and loading control.
  • 12. China traveling arrangements including invitation letter.


  • * The expenses of traveling, hotel, samples, and shipping are excluding.
  • * The monthly number of visiting and sourcing are non-transferable.

Or, control your monthly cost and services based on your needs by filling the following form:-

OohTeX’s Chinese Representative Office will provides you with a fully staffed and operational Representative Office in China. With this service, you can open your own business premises to run your operations with an almost immediate effect .

The Chinese market is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. The growth potential is huge and therefore we decided to take a strategic approach and focus our efforts on this market. We will be working with local partners who understand the local market and culture which enables us to provide you with better services for your China related needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our partnership and representative office services.


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